Trisha White Personal Trainer

Trisha White is has worked in the Health and Fitness Industry for the past 7 years, gaining experience in gyms across London. This includes managing the gym at Central YMCA, managing a GP Referral Scheme at Portobello Fitness Centre and as a freelance teacher at many fitness centres.

Currently working full-time at Central YMCA gym in London as a Fitness Duty Manager, this involves managing the Health and Fitness advisors, circuit teachers, over 100 volunteers, Personal Trainers and Swimming Coaches. As well as managing the Central YMCA gym at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

Also working as an Assistant Tutor for YMCA Fitness Industry Training, tutoring and delivering lectures on Gym Instructor Award and Circuit Training courses.

Trisha works as a freelance teacher in gyms across London specialising in Group Indoor Cycling (Spinning), Supple Strength, Core Stability, Circuit Training and Studio Resistance. Sites include Holmes Place, The Armoury, Top Notch, Covent Garden gym and Sona Positive Health (Freshfields).

Trisha is registered with REPís (Register of Exercise Professionals) as an Advanced Level 3 Instructor.