Trisha White Personal Trainer

Case Study - Anne Brooks

I would like to strongly recommend Trisha White, who has been my personal trainer over the past few months. There are so many wonderful qualities about Trisha both as a person and a trainer that it would be difficult to fit it all onto one page.

I approached Trisha because she was teaching my spinning class. I have taken many fitness classes over the years and I was inspired by Trisha because I noticed she pushed the entire class to their maximum potential, and at the same time they were enjoying themselves. In other words, people were sweating but they had smiles on their faces - Trisha knows exactly how to motivate people.

As a trainer, Trisha is very professional, knowledgeable, adaptable and dedicated. First of all, if you follow Trisha’s program you will see results. Within two weeks I noticed my arms, legs and stomach becoming more toned, an increase in my overall energy and confidence, and my clothes fit more loosely.

Second of all, Trisha will customize your training program. She is not a one-size-fits-all standard regimen. Whether its weight training, yoga, pilates, or endurance training this woman knows it all. She stays up to date with current fitness trends, so she can always enhance your training with the latest and greatest techniques. I am constantly amazed with the variety of training techniques that she knows. Since I’m like most people and I get bored easily by doing the same exercises, Trisha can easily adapt and customize a fitness program to suit your needs and she can also provide tips of how to change your training on your own. Training with Trisha is never boring, it is different every time.

Third, Trisha made me much more confident about my overall fitness ability. She encouraged me to do exercise that I didn’t know I was capable of and increased my overall confidence. She knows how to push you and to motivate you to work to your maximum potential, which has positive physical and psychological ramifications.

Fourth, Trisha is a true professional. She is always early for her training and always available for questions and concerns afterwards. She is there for you even when you are not on the clock – she is very generous with her time so you can ask her questions and for her advice. She is so approachable and a constant source of information. She has a natural ebullience and always a smile on her face, people are always saying hello to her. Moreover, she treats you like a friend and not a client. I was going through a very stressful stage in my life, and she understood this and she helped me manage the stress.

There are many other things that I could tell you about Trisha, but like I said it would take more than a page. Sign up with this woman, you will not regret it, she has had a positive force in my life in the past few months. With Trisha you will see results, feel and look great, and enjoy working out in the process.