Trisha White Personal Trainer


Group Indoor Cycling
An effective calorie burning workout on stationary cycles, it involves no choreography or impact.

Circuit Training
A calorie burning workout making use of equipment to perform short timed exercises.

Studio Resistance (Sculpt)
An all over body workout to music that makes use of free weight barbells.

Supple Strength
A class that is inspired by moves from stretch, yoga and Pilates. It can lead to improved posture and body strength.

Core Stability
A session that uses fitness balls to tone and strengthen specific body areas, especially the abdominals and back.

Cardio Kick
An intense aerobics session based on martial arts style choreography

A workout using suspension cables to give a full body workout incorporating the elements: muscular strength, muscular endurance, balance, co-ordination, power and core stability.

Whole body functional movement developing strength, flexibility and stability.